Every dragon needs a hoard.

Husband and Wife owned. A small collection of hand-made goods that are made-to-order. We have joined Artisans Cooperative in order to give the power back to the small business owners instead of CEOs.

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The Scarf Faerie Etc.

The Scarf Faerie Etc.

Scarves, blankets, toys, hats, and other secular items. These items are all... 

  • "I ordered two of these as a gift for two separate holidays and it was perfect! The quality is SO above anything I've ever ordered from Amazon or similar places. The yarn is vibrant and the perfect size for the top of a small bookshelf, which the recipient uses as her altar. It had the perfect amount of stretch and was incredibly well-made."

    Altar Cloth 
  • Perfect Pocket Shawl

    "Beautiful garment and excellent quality! You can tell that it was very lovingly handmade. It held up just fine through its first wash (warm water, hung to dry) and is very sturdy. The pockets are strong and the yarn is very soft. It is six feet long as the listing says, but the width of the shawl can be overwhelming on a small frame. It's something to keep in mind!"

    Perfect Pocket Shawl 
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About Us

We are a husband and wife duo based in Indianapolis, IN. 

He has a YouTube channel that will supply some merchandise in the future. She makes the handmade items and fandom-inspired stickers and wall-art. They have 2 cats: Grog and Ersatz who help with nearly every step of the business. We believe in reusing, reducing, and recycling what we can so with that in mind our packages are sent out in pre-used boxes that we have received and are wrapped in brown paper to hide brand names. Please do your best to reuse or recycle what you get from us.