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Fundraiser Crochet Brook the Chicken

Fundraiser Crochet Brook the Chicken

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Modeled after Artisans Cooperative's mascot Brook the Chicken this little friend is ready to come home with you and hang out on your desk or be a friend to your cat. She is made with 100% acrylic yarn, stuffed with polyfill, and is tested by Grog the Assistant-Cat at every step of the processes. She has a very round bottom so she will need to be propped up against something, she is not a weeble-wobble and she will fall down. 
This is not intended for anyone under the age of 18 years. 
As this is a fundraiser item to help the cooperative all but the material cost will be donated to Artisans Cooperative. 

*Creator of Brook the Chicken is Ryn at Tired Fox Art

Ideal Price Breakdown: 
- materials $4.49
- labor 12 hours x $7.25 (minimum wage) $87
- Overhead 1.5 x m+l 13.72



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